Panguni Thingal

Panguni Thingal Panguni Thingal or ‘Mondays in March’ are particularly auspicious days that are observed at Kannaki Amman kovils in the Northern Peninsula. Thingal is the Tamil word for Monday and the month of Panguni, in the Hindu calendar, extends from mid-March to mid-April. Panguni ends just before the Tamil and Sinhala New Year that… Continue reading Panguni Thingal

Horn Play

Horn Play Horn Pulling, An Adeema (Sinhala) or Horn Play – An Keliya in Sinhala and Kombu Vilaiyadu in Tamil – is a ritualized game that is performed to venerate Pattini-Kannaki. It is associated with a playful period in her life when she and her husband, Palanga-Kovalan, sought to ‘hook’ a Sapu flower (Michelia champaca)… Continue reading Horn Play